POWER projekt provodi Caritas Bosne i Hercegovine u saradnji sa partnerima iz BiH i Crne Gore: Caritas Barske nadbiskupije, Nadbiskupijski centar za pastoral mladih Ivan Pavao II, Udruga roditelja i djece s posebnim potrebama Vedri osmijeh, Fond za profesionalnu rehabilitaciju i zapošljavanje osoba s invaliditetom Federacije BiH, Udruženje Paraplegičara Bar i Biznis start-up centar iz Bara. Projekt će trajati dvije godine te se provodi na području Bosne i Hercegovine i Crne Gore.

Ciljevi ovog projekta su povećavanje zapošljavanja osoba sa invaliditetom, uspostavljanje funkcionalnijeg instutucionalnog okvira u BiH i Crnoj Gori za zapošljavanje OSI, jačanjem dijaloga između organizacija civilnog društva, poduzeća i javnih institucija te razvijanje odgovarajućih okruženja za zapošljavanje osoba sa invaliditetom. Projekt POWER je financiran od strane Europske unije, kroz IPA II Program prekogranične saradnje Bosna i Hercegovina - Crna Gora. 

First Disability Employment Fair

The First Disability Employment Fairs was held in Mostar with the aim of promoting the rights to work and employment of persons with disabilities, in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The fair was organized as part of the P.O.W.E.R project, funded by the European Union through the IPA II Cross-border Co-operation Program Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

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The fair was officially opened by people with disabilities who, as part of the P.O.W.E.R project, were given the opportunity to get a job as interns. The fair was attended by more than 40 exhibitors from various institutions, organizations, associations of persons with disabilities, social enterprises, companies and safety workshops. As part of the fair, two workshops were held on incentives for employing people with disabilities and actively seeking work, presenting examples of good practices. Welcome address was given by Mr. Ljubo Beslic, Mayor of Mostar, hosts the first job fair, saying he is extremely happy that people with disabilities have received one such event, hoping that this will be another step towards creating better living conditions for this population. After addressing the Mayor, he addressed Dr. Sc. Nevenko Herceg, Prime Minister of the HNZ.

Mr. Dobrica Jonjić, Assistant Federal Minister for Labor and Social Policy, and Msgr. Tomo Knezevic, Director of Caritas BiH who welcomed the visitors present, pointing out that Caritas in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as all their partner organizations, have been active in showing solidarity to persons with disabilities for many years, not only through this project but also through other projects and services.

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"We believe that people with disabilities have the right to a decent life. They have the right to work and employment, ”said director of Caritas.

“Socio-economic reforms have been the focus of the European Union's activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the past five years. This process has been started, but we need to continue to work on improving opportunities and support for people with disabilities and the general population. The social dimension of the European integration process is extremely important, especially aspects such as health care, employment and equal education opportunities for all citizens, including people with disabilities, ”said Ambassador Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, Head of the EU Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Special Representative EU in BiH, which together with ten POWER trainees officially opened the fair.


"It was a great opportunity for me to prove myself and to show that we are capable, too, useful and able to move forward. Thanks to the EU for allowing us to gain the first professional experiences and an opportunity to learn and move forward. I believe we will be able to prove that we are capable and useful ”said Anja Jurica, one of 21 hardworking and dedicated individuals who, through the POWER project, was enabled to undertake an internship during which they will develop professional skills and gain experiences that will help them are easier to intervene in the work environment.

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The project P.O.W.E.R. is funded by the European Union in the amount of over € 390,000. The total value of the project is over € 450,000, implemented by Caritas of Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with partners from BiH and Montenegro: Archdiocesan Center for Youth Pastoral Ivan Paul II, Association of Parents and Children with Special Needs Smile Smile, Vocational Rehabilitation Fund and employment of persons with disabilities of the Federation of BiH, the Caritas Bar Archdiocese, the Association of Paraplegics Bar and the Businessstart-up Center in Bar. The project lasts two years and is being implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

(source: caritas.ba)