President of the Youth for Peace Organization, and a member of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Youth Delegation - The Konrad Adenauer Sarajevo Foundation attended the Blakan Summit, which was held in Brussels in December 2018.


In front of BBI center, on Sarajevo Children’s Square, pop up exhibition “Peace belongs to everyone” was organized and hosted by War Childhood Museum. This exhibition consisted of toys and belongings of Syrian refugee children, thus showing their experiences to visitors.MRD

The exhibition was organized on 19th of August – World Humanitarian Day, and partners in organization were Caritas Italiana, Youth for Peace and UNHCR. This event was open from 11 until 19 o’clock and it was free of charge for all visitors. Seventeen exponents and stories tied to them that were collected in refugee camps in Lebanon were exhibited.
Besides the exhibition, workshops and animation activities organized for children were organized. This made the event suitable for families, so parents could leave their children in the hands of experienced Youth for Peace facilitators, visit the exhibition and have a look at exponents. Children had the opportunity to write, draw and color, but also to make their own toys of plasticine, wood and other materials.
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